This thatched cottage had been so un-loved for years that it was more than a simple renovation project. The owners had seen our thatched cottage project and thought we would be perfect custodians of the project.

This project will be done in phases and we are busy ploughing through Phase 1 (upstairs). So much has been done already - a new partition wall built to provide an extra bedroom, new lath and lime plaster, full re-wiring and re-plumbing, extended chimney stacks and installation of three new chimney linings for an open fire and log burner downstairs and a small fireplace in one of the bedrooms. The design is quite masculine with a mix of monochromes, some colour, and lots of texture - velvets, embroidered graphic patterns, distressed wooden floors, flagstones, and even some exposed bricks. It will be finished with traditional clay paint so that the walls remain breathable and should all be extremely authentic but also extremely stylish.

It will be a home that they can entertain in and treasure forever.


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