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Our latest clients have an amazing attitude to this Georgian house they've just purchased - that they are custodians rather than owners and that they should honour its architectural fabric and right the interiors wrongs committed over the years. We see this so much with period properties - people love the large room proportions but don't understand or respect the features and therefore 'update' to whatever is on-trend at that point in time, often resulting in inauthentic materials. We prefer to stick to the architectural features and keep the bones of the house authentic - so fireplaces, floors, skirting boards, etc. Everything else can be a layer that can be changed out for personal taste but doesn't ultimately affect the house itself. 

We are keeping this house light, bright and airy to avoid any winter gloom but with a rich colour in the cosier snug and pops of feature colours. It's a house for a young family so everything will need to be hard-working and hard-wearing, but that won't be at the expense of still creating an elegant home.

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