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This busy family had moved into this house with the aim of making it their own. Work and life got in the way and, four years later, they had bought some furniture but didn’t have the time or inclination to do any more. We were commissioned to add colour and personality and this is exactly what we are doing.

Looking at the house, there are a lot of rooms used for overlapping purposes and one room which isn’t being used at all. We’re making this room into an evening room - a place for drinks after dinner - with useful built-in ‘coats and bags’ storage at one end. Because it will be used primarily in the evenings, we are able to use darker, more luxurious colours and textures. The overall colour palette for the project is blues and greens, with touches of turmeric and burnt orange. In the living room, which is mainly used as a cinema room, we’ve added a navy blue feature wall to minimise reflections on the TV, the stone fireplace will be painted and neutralised, a bespoke window seat with storage will be built into the un-used bay and a built-in wall unit commissioned to display family treasures. In the previously-wooden kitchen we’ve recommended painting the cupboards to modernise it all and added a designer table and warm funky lighting.


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