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This 1900 house (in a Georgian style) has been updated over the years but in a style that is not authentic to the age and architectural style of the house. The entrance hall is over-sized and cold, with a fireplace but no log burner, and bedrooms and bathrooms sorely need updating.

Downstairs has lots of well proportioned rooms - apart from one, the snug. We have suggested moving a wall by a few feet, taking some space from the overly-large entrance hall, to create a room that is much better-balanced with the remainder of downstairs. A Georgian-style room divider will be designed and fitted to let more light into the entrance hall. A new log burner, and fireplaces in the snug and living room, will also be installed to bring warmth back into the house.

On the first floor is a charming rabbit warren of rooms and on the second floor, a good-sized un-used loft space. Both floors are impractical in their current state so the owners want to convert the loft and reconfigure the first floor to recreate larger bedrooms and bathrooms. To achieve this, the main staircase will be replaced with a newly-commissioned one and moved to create a larger landing on the first floor and proper stairs up to the loft.

Throughout a fresh colour palette of greens, blues and teals will be used along with patterned monochrome tiles in the bathrooms, with touches of marble to add luxury. We are also exploring natural wallpapers which will highlight the beautiful New Forest views from the large sash windows. We can’t wait to see the dramatic change all this will make to this beautiful country house.

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