We are Robert and Tamsin Allen, Fawn's creative directors.

We started our studio in 2014, based upon our love of elegant, modern and practical interior design. We came to this rather naturally from our professional backgrounds. Robert was a successful professional photographer with a keen eye for beauty and composition. As a former art director and designer in London, Tamsin’s passion is to arrange things beautifully, whether on a page or in a room.

As partners, our combined strengths, and unwavering attention to detail, complement each other to create truly distinctive and highly-finished spaces. 

Robert heads up our interior architecture side and oversees internal restructuring, as well as joinery design, AV systems and electrical/lighting plans. He works with our trusted team of structural engineers, architects, and specialist tradesmen.

Tamsin runs the interior design arm - room planning, colour concepts, creating synergy across the whole project, art procurement and curation, and sourcing from a wide range of fabric, wallpaper, ironmongery, and furniture companies.

In 2014 we packed up our life in London and moved to the countryside. 

The move was designed to slow life down a bit and watching the weather, sunrises and sunsets, deer frolicking in nearby fields, and spotting too many birds to count has been amazing.

This love of nature inspired us to start Fawn, a name that also came to us quite naturally with all the playful deer around. The nature that inspires us forms the basis of our designs, colours, and textures, all with a luxurious edge...a style we call Natural Luxe.


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