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Why You Need an Interior Designer

At the start of a project, you may think that engaging an interior design studio is either too soon or an added cost you can leave until the end of the project. However, this would be a mistake as these professionals will not just design you a beautiful space, they can also save you time and money. Here are five reasons why you need an interior designer (sooner rather than later).


1. Save you money in the long run

Engaging an interior designer upfront can help you avoid costly mistakes, by helping you plan better, determining what furniture can be kept and integrated, keeping you on budget and making sure all specifications are correct. All of these taken individually may seem inconsequential but over the course of a renovation, can be costly headaches.

2. Planning and coordinating

Interior designers are best is helping you plan for the unplannable. They can foresee problems you wouldn't be able to and thus avoid potential mistakes. They will also coordinate the project for you, taking all of the planning stress away from you.

3. Contribute to construction decisions

Based on the interior design plan, better allowances/decisions can be made about room sizes, placement of electrical sockets and other crucial decisions which affect your overall renovation. Interior designers work with architects and contractors to make the project as efficient as possible.

4. Resources and contacts

An interior designer will be able to source more unique products and furniture for you; they can even custom-design pieces. They can also source proper contract furniture for commercial properties which will endure excess use. They also have reliable resources of contractors: trusted plumbers, electricians, etc to help your project run smoother.

5. Functional and beautiful

Designers are there to think of things you wouldn’t - ways to arrange a room, the flow of the house, how to make your space the best it can possibly be. As well as looking beautiful and coordinated, they will also design a space for you that works with the way you live or work so that you will end up with a functional and beautiful space.




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