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The Best Types of Flooring for Your Modern-Rustic Kitchen

Image: Plain English

Designing a modern-rustic kitchen should take into consideration many things - style of cabinets, colour scheme, lighting, and flooring. As a high-traffic area, you need to ensure that the flooring you choose for your kitchen is practical, durable and looks amazing. It really is the finishing touch to your kitchen project so it's worth taking the time and choosing wisely, both for your lifestyle and for style. Here are our seven flooring choices that we think are perfect for modern country-inspired kitchens.

Solid WoodSolid wood

Nothing looks, and sounds, quite like solid wood floors. With so many types and finishes to choose from, you are guaranteed the wow factor when you choose solid wood - this floor above looks as if it's been there forever. The downside? Solid wood can swell and contract with the weather, so select harder woods such as oak, for a kitchen floor. 

Image: Solid Floor

Natural Wood Floor CompanyEngineered wood

To avoid the seasonal movement of solid wood, choose engineered wood for a more stable floor. But, as engineered flooring is made of about 5mm of real wood and then layers of birch ply, you can't keep resanding and refinishing like you can with solid wood, so they won't last as long. They also don't quite have the same textural feel as solid wood floors, though there are more rustic finishes that you can choose.

Image: Natural Wood Floor Company

Floors of StoneLimestone

If properly sealed and regularly cleaned, limestone is a beautiful material for kitchens. As limestone is quite porous, sealing at installation and regular deep cleaning and resealing is a must. It is a high-maintenance material but is unrivalled in its natural, chalky look. In the image above, they have chosen a limestone that looks aged and has tumbled edges for an intentionally imperfect look.

Image: Floors of Stone.

Paul MasseySlate

Slate is a much stronger stone than limestone - it still needs sealing but is much more durable and won't chip or crack as easily. And although slate is most often used in the darker range of its colours, it is available in a wide range of tones, from  greens, greys and beiges through to the darker greys and blacks.

Image: Paul Massey

deVol KitchensTerracotta

Very few floors can beat the warmth and ruggedness of a terracotta floor. Perceived as atypically 'country', you can modernise it by using contemporary colours for your kitchen units. This deVOL kitchen above is a stunning example of a terracotta floor given a new lease of life by pairing it with shaker cabinets in a modern grey, with brass handles adding to the overall warmth.

Image: deVOL Kitchens

Harvey MariaVinyl

Vinyl is becoming more and more popular as a modern choice of kitchen flooring - and it's no surprise as vinyl is easy to clean and cost-effective. The downside is that it can scratch easily and, once damaged, it can't be repaired like other flooring options. Another downside is that they used to look cheap and plasticky, but now there are many beautifully-printed choices (like the image above by Harvey Maria), so vinyl may be ideal as a relatively quick fix in your kitchen. 

Image: Harvey Maria


For the toughest flooring around, look no further than polished concrete. It's not for the faint-hearted and will take your modern-rustic theme more towards industrial chic, but concrete is a beautiful choice in kitchens. Coupled with underfloor heating, it's lovely to touch and radiates warmth, despite being such a hard material.

Image: Arkpad

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  • Posted On February 25, 2018 by Natalie Holden

    Some beautiful examples. I love the raw look of the concrete floor and also love the terracotta floor; something I would never have considered myself but loosm great on that photo

  • Posted On February 23, 2018 by Fawn Interiors Studio

    @Jenny, we haven’t used vinyl flooring as yet and think vinyl is definitely more of a quick fix option rather than a material you expect to look beautiful for a long time. We always recommend that our customers get a sample of whatever flooring they are considering, place it on the floor where it will live (try and get the pets to walk over it, place it near the cooker, etc) and see how that wears. All flooring is quite an investment so try to road-test it as much as possible first. :)

  • Posted On February 23, 2018 by JENNY KAKOUDAKIS

    Everyone keeps saying that vinyl cleans well and easy… having seen some samples (especially by Harvey Maria) why do I feel that a light vinyl tile will in general clean up but will look “dirty” or “used” much quicker than any other type of tile? Have you worked with these types of flooring before? I really like them but really scared about what they will look like 6 months down the line…

  • Posted On February 19, 2018 by Susan

    The floor in our kitchen is Ikea laminate. It’s low maintenance but I’d love a poured concrete floor

  • Posted On February 18, 2018 by Donna Ford

    This is very timely! We are pretty convinced by engineered wood as we had a bad experience with solid wood and my husband really doesn’t want stone. Love these images. So inspiring (and very much my style!). D x

  • Posted On February 18, 2018 by Ricky

    OMG, I didn’t realise how nice concrete floors look!!! Right, I’m heading over to Pinterest just to see more aha! I love the look of a wood floor too. Makes it feel warmer I think and great for that rustic country cottage style vibe :-)

  • Posted On February 18, 2018 by Stacey Sheppard

    I need new flooring in my kitchen so this is really helpful. I know for sure I don’t want anything too high maintenance as I don’t want to have to worry about resealing. I think the vinyl and the concrete look great. I’d love a concrete floor.

  • Posted On February 18, 2018 by Fiona Mosytn

    Some great examples here. I love the rustic terracotta floor.

  • Posted On February 18, 2018 by Pati

    What a beautifully written post i love the fact that you included vinyl florring as its an inexpensive way to update any space xx

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