Is 'Rustic Glam' the Look of 2018?

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Now that 'shabby-chic' has moved on, we feel it's time for something truly chic...a look we call Rustic Glam. Hot on the heels of Modern Rustic and Industrial Chic, this is a much softer look (just as bold though), with luxury metallic accents, soft textures and glamorous lighting. It is the very juxtaposition of all these elements, against a rustic or unmodernised background, that defines this sumptuous look.


In the Casa Orlandi Guesthouse in Prato, Italy, by b-arch Architeturra, the 18th-century architecture was brought back to life very gently after being unoccupied for 20 years. The architect, Sabrina Bignami, wanted to respect its original features and remove subsequent additions. The house was covered in beautiful frescos, applied between 1790 and 1815 by the famous painter Luigi Catani, which were all delicately freed from years of layers of paint. She also kept the original floors, windows and doors but the real magic happened when modern, sculptural furniture and chandeliers are added, creating (you guessed it) a Rustic Glam look.



On the face of it, this room in a house in the Netherlands could be a bland square box, but we love how the owners have injected rustic and glamorous elements. Rustic through the industrial windows, wooden wall panelling and brick fireplace; and glamour through the soft colour palette and sumptuous suede and faux fur textures. Photo by Romy van Leeuwen.



Italian interior designer Eric Egan transformed this 17th-century Italian country farmhouse (between Umbria and Tuscany) into a modern abode without losing any of its intrinsic charm. We love the contrast of the beams and stone fireplace with the toile-like patterned rug and gorgeous brass table. Even the Lalanne bronze twig chandelier is a perfect example of Rustic Glam: made of natural materials but fashioned into an opulent shape.



Featured on Domino, this house (images above and below) kickstarted our love affair with Rustic Glam. It is an 18th-century upstate New York farmhouse, renovated by the owners of Hawkins. Originally built in the 1750s, Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine bought the near-derelict house in 2011 and set about (with the help of master craftsmen) bringing it back to life. We love the subdued colour palette - the warm creams against the blush pink with hints of rich warm colours, and finished off with brass and marble accents.



This amazing loft space in a London (yes, London!) Huguenot house is featured in the Nov '17 issue of The World of Interiors and is another perfect example of Rustic Glam. By stripping the ceiling back to the original beams and leaving the walls unevenly plastered, they have created the perfect backdrop to offset the slick cabinetry (with quirky basin in marble insert), brass bedside tray, brass floor standing bath taps and that gorgeous Art Deco style bath for a nod to a very luxurious era.



Now we admit that there aren't a huge amount of rustic accents in this kitchen, featured on Per Jansson's real estate site but there was something about the unusual shape of the kitchen that drew our eye. We see many country properties with unusually shaped rooms, so we have included this because it's interesting to see how the designers have worked with the space. We like that they have simplified it on the left with the tiling, shaker-style style kitchen and muted colour palette, then created a more cosy yet glamorous eating area with the wooden table and chairs, and the stunning brass chandelier.  



This converted engine house in Cornwall, listed on Unique Home Stays, has it all. The rough, thick walls and the cast iron roll top bath contrast well with the huge gilt mirror that was sourced from a 1920s parlour in London. We also love the huge folding window shutter (which you can see better in the mirror reflection) and the amazing rustic floorboards.


So what do you think about Rustic Glam? Is it thumbs up or...thumbs up? 😉


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Created on Posted by Anne Marie Comment Link

Thumbs up, up up! Definitely! It’s spot on! Every since I’ve moved away from shabby chic I was trying to find my style and to name it too, but nothing really stood up! But when I saw the title of your post I knew straight away that this is it! This is how I hope my house will look one day (I think at the moment is still a little bit on the shabby side :) ) But I’m happy to say I own the exact same round table as the one in this beautiful kitchen, so definitely getting there :)

Created on Posted by JENNY KAKOUDAKIS Comment Link

I am going to answer before reading the post that YES, rustic glam is so 2018 hence the new parquet wood top massive table in the living room which arrived two weeks ago. Watch this space!

Created on Posted by Fawn Interiors Studio Comment Link

Juan, the loft is in a Huguenot house in Spitalfields, so would be a Georgian terrace, originally belonging to silk merchants. I’ve had the good fortune to have spent the day in one, many years ago, and it was just gorgeous. :)

Created on Posted by Donna Ford Comment Link

This is so me! I can’t handle modern spaces and this is the perfect balance. I find each of these images so relaxing!

Created on Posted by Juan Sandiego Comment Link

Yes, please! I welcome the contrast of features like the uneven plasterwork and the subtle use of metallics. I’m trying to think what kind of property is that loft in London. It doesn’t look like a standard terraced house, more like a mews house, maybe? Anyway, not your usual attic conversion.

Created on Posted by Shaun Comment Link

There are some really nice details in these examples (love the loft space). I’m probably a bigger fan of the rustic side than the glam side but I can definitely appreciate the contrast between exposed beams and softer, more luxurious elements.

Created on Posted by Jaime Comment Link

I love the rustic glam look – an Airbnb we stayed at in Iceland used this type of scheme and it elevated the beautiful timber house to no end! The furniture was rustic, but a large, crystal chandelier stood as the centrepiece in the middle of the dining room, which fit so well. I think it works really well, but can often be tricky to pull off!

xo Jaime

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