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Paint and Paper Library's Latest Collaboration with Hugo Dalton : The Tresco Collection

Following on from our recent Best of Decorex post, here is more detail on one of our favourites.

Paint and Paper Library have collaborated with the artist, Hugo Dalton, to create a beautiful range of wallpapers based on the natural assets of the island of Tresco, 30 miles off the Cornish coast (privately-owned by the Dorrien-Smith family): the Tresco Collection. Enjoying a sub-tropical environment Tresco, and in particular its Abbey Gardens, is host to a wide variety of flora which have all inspired these wallpapers. Hugo, best known for his wall paintings which have graced a variety of walls from art museums to fashion companies, spent months on the island, capturing everything in life drawings. The results, we're sure you'll agree, are just stunning. 


Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection


Aloe Walk

Featuring agapanthus and aloe, the full width of this mural spreads across 3 metres and the height of the agapanthus is 160cm. The result? A bold and dramatic wall statement.



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection



Based on nautical charts, this graphic wallpaper is strikingly simple. It was inspired by by an antique chart found in the Dorrien-Smith family home on Tresco and has been faithfully recreated.



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection


Abbey Gardens

Inspired by the Gardens themselves, this is a modern Toile de Jouy, painted in soft watercolour. It is highly-detailed but remarkably soothing at the same time.



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection



Taken from the sub-tropical aeonium flower, this graphic wallpaper is pretty and delicate. It has a wonderful tactile quality which has been achieved using traditional surface printing.



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection



Featuring the buds of the protea flower, this delicate repeat pattern is depicted at the flower bud's real scale and is inspired by Grecian wall paintings. 



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection


Protea Trail

Big and blowsy, this celebratory pattern of protea flowers, birds and butterflies depicts the complex ecosystem of Tresco.



Paint and Paper Library Tresco Collection


Lighthouse Palm

A very delicate palm tree motif based on the Butia Palm, is very open and gentle and would sit well within a variety of interiors.



Paint and Pap



Inspired by the seas and clouds, this delicate design is one of our favourites because it's pretty yet unobtrusive.




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