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Interiors Sourcing : Luxury Wooden Flooring by Ted Todd

One of the elements of your renovation that you really shouldn't skimp on is flooring. It's the true finishing touch and will last for years, giving you pleasure and increasing the value of your house. We love the flooring of Ted Todd: luxury, unique pieces that are works of art in themselves. Established in 1993, by Robert Walsh, they look fantastic in both residential and commercial properties and last the test of time.

My formative years in wood flooring continue to be my main influence. When I started in 1993 I was reclaiming old timbers and floors from across the northwest of England, from 19th century textile mills, schools and hospitals and was genuinely surprised by how well many of these old floors had worn. Many were still as good as new after 100 years of use, with very little wear. I was struck by how confident and forward thinking they were in the 19th century as buildings really were built to last.

This experience has influenced my belief that a good wood floor should last for a long time.  They should continue to work many years after anyone can recollect who bought them or even how much they cost. This is the single biggest reason why I work with wood floors. - Robert Walsh







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