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How to : Use Rugs to Spruce Up Your Living Room

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Usually, when a home is being designed, people begin to think of a rug only much later. It is one of those things that can be added or deleted in the end and is never a centrepiece big enough to garner enough attention right in the start. But it’s a known fact that a brilliant and classy rug can really add character to your room, no matter what the type of decor or theme or even furniture you have opted to keep.

It is also common knowledge that rugs can be used only one way and that is the classic ‘lay your rug out in the centre’ way. This view is narrow for rugs can be used in so many ways to bring home different elements.


Treniq Tribeca rug

Defining Spaces and Creating Variety

Rugs can be used to define certain spaces of your room such as the seating area or a hallway. They are a great way to section off parts of a room and they give your home a definitive look and feel. A variety of rugs can add an array of colour in a room. Care needs to be taken that they are all complementing each other.



Treniq Flat Trinity rug

The Balancing Act

Rugs are a dynamic tool to either tone down a rather loud room or bring about a pop in an otherwise dull room. Either ways, a good rug is instrumental in creating harmony among furniture and make it look a little interesting. The colour of your rug could also help you pick a complementing shade for a single stand-out wall. This colour scheme and coordination will go a long way in adding a beautiful dimension to your room, you never imagined possible.



Treniq Trilogia Emerald rug

Shape them Up

It is common practice and a misconception to buy rectangular rugs under the assumption that these are the only type that exist. This is far from true! Rugs come in geometric shapes that are not limited to rectangular. There also exist rugs in quirkier shapes and sizes. You must always pick one that best fits your room. Some rooms do not require a full length rectangular rug and in such cases, these different shapes could be of help.  


Treniq Dalmata rug

Painting the Room

The latest trends have brought to us a variety of artistically touched rugs. These are remarkable pieces of art that you could even convert into huge wall hangings or tapestries by themselves.



Treniq Cast Iron Gate rug

Bring Home a Pattern

The most simple way to spruce up a room is by adding a rug with patterns such as a floral number, geometric or even a painting. The patterns are in vogue this year and are some of the hottest trends that are ruling the decor world today. A rug in similar patterns can be a great way to add the much needed change and freshness to a room.



This post is in collaboration with Treniq, an international network for interior design professionals. 





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