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One of the most eye-catching accessories you can use in your interiors, is art. Whether it's a piece from a gallery, a treasured find at a flea market or an online print purchase, we all have pieces of art to display. How you display them, of course, depends primarily on the room, your interiors style and how many pieces you have to work with. Below are 6 ways to display art.

Define a room

In this open plan environment, one room segues seamlessly into another but the designers of the room have cleverly used a piece of art to draw attention to, and define, the dining room. The colourful piece gives a jolt of colour within the refined colour palette and serves to highlight the room perfectly.

Image: Bo Bedre


Shelve it and lean it

Prints look great framed and then leant on shelves and on the floor. It creates a casual but ordered feel that suits a wide range of interiors. You can tell a story on each shelf or view it as an overall display and work to create a story across all the shelves.

Image: My Scandinavian Home


Anything goes

If you have a very varied collection of art (styles, sizes and shapes) why not create a gallery wall? This quirky approach works well if your interiors are eclectic like this room, with a unique collection of items. It also doesn't even matter if they are hung straight...which is very liberating.

Image: Lonny


Go large

If you have a large room, like this one, then don't be afraid to go large. In this scenario we love how they have used mirror images so that there is a beautiful synergy between them. They have also leant them against the wall (when your frames are this size though, be sure to secure them to the wall) which is a more modern way of displaying large frames.

Image: Bo Bedre


Or, do the opposite

In this interior, we love how they have used a small piece of art with a large border and then a small frame in relation to the surrounding interior. This hypnotically draws you to the art, making you focus all of your attention on it.

Image: Architectural Digest Germany


Forget the frames

These days, you don't even need to frame your prints (but we would advise you not to hang prints like this in any rooms which may be susceptible to condensation, like kitchens or bathrooms). Here we love the use of little clips to hang the prints.

Image: Love Warriors



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