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Do You Need a Kitchen Island, a Farmhouse Table...or Something In Between?

With kitchens getting bigger and bigger and truly becoming the heart of the home, they are requiring even more furniture which is why we’ve put together some kitchen island ideas for you. When planning your new kitchen design, you will no doubt have a space in the centre for an island, but is this the only choice for you? No it’s not, as we’ll show you below.



A kitchen island can provide extra preparation and storage space, with integrated sinks or even cookers. Be sure to have electrical sockets installed on the sides from the beginning as this extra prep area is also perfect for prepping desserts alongside main meals and can easily hold your mixers, processors and other gadgets. Most kitchen islands also incorporate seating – with worktop overhangs being the most popular, underneath which you can fit at least a couple of bar stools. Aptly called a ‘breakfast bar’, this is perfect for serving the kids’ breakfast quickly and easily in the mornings.

Below are three examples we love...although they all have matching colour schemes and worktops for a harmonious feel, it is now the trend to have an opposite colour or worktop to the rest of the kitchen. For example light grey on the main units and dark grey (or even a funky colour like raspberry red) on the island; oak worktop on the main units and marble on the island. 


deVOL Kitchens

Image deVOL 


Tom Howley Kitchens

Image Tom Howley


Higham Furniture

Image Higham Furniture



Farmhouse Table

In essence, not necessarily in or from a farmhouse, but a large table in the centre of your kitchen can really add the wow factor and a lot of originality and is not as heavy looking as an island. However, it's not as practical as an island (no sockets, sinks or cookers), but it can be a real talking piece - your grandmother's treasured table, a beautiful antique table carefully sourced, or even a interesting modern piece from a great designer. It's an addition that will attract a lot of attention and can be a real statement in your kitchen. You can still use it for prep and in fact it's a great height if you want to get children involved in chopping vegetables or helping mix cake batter. 

We've chosen a variety below - from antique to modern to rustic - to show how many interesting and different looks can be achieved. 


Kitchen from Homes and Antiques

Image Homes and Antiques


deVOL Kitchens

Image deVOL 


Kitchen from Milieu Magazine

Image Milieu Magazine



Something in between

There's a new style of kitchen island, the 'prep table', that's fast gaining in popularity - somewhere between an island and table, based on kitchen islands that were prominent in Georgian times. They can be as interesting as tables, with turned legs, elegant profiles, and not heavy looking, but still as practical as islands. They are the same height as islands for more comfortable prepping and can have storage drawers and even sinks and sockets as shown below.

Plain English was the first kitchen showroom in which we saw this type of island and it was love at first sight. We also love the style and antique feel that Artichoke have given their prep table and the Humphrey Munson version is perfectly proportioned in this Georgian rectory.


A kitchen by Plain English Design

Image Plain English


Artichoke Kitchens

Image Artichoke


Humphrey Munson Kitchen

Image Humphrey Munson



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  • Posted On December 11, 2017 by Ricky Vann

    I really like the mix of the dining table and island. Especially as it’s rooted from the Georgian times! Plus, it makes the room seem a bit larger (with all that open space underneath). Very good post :-)

  • Posted On December 11, 2017 by Bethany

    Love this, we are going to change our kitchen a little this year and the hubby is going to make us a custom prep table. So much inspiration!

  • Posted On December 11, 2017 by Becky at PinksCharming

    Ooh some drool-worthy kitchens here! We opted for a breakfast bar that’s attached to one wall, we sit at it all the time, and love it! We didn’t have room for an island so this was a good compromise for us xx

  • Posted On December 11, 2017 by Donna Ford

    Loving this post! We are doing our kitchen next year and we had our heart set on an island but I’ve loving the prep table. So much great design comes from the Georgians! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Posted On December 11, 2017 by Fiona

    I just love wooden kitchens. This is a really beautiful collection of perfect kitchens.

  • Posted On December 10, 2017 by Fawn Interiors Studio

    Jenny, don’t cry! Good things come to those who wait (and reaaallly good things come to those who wait a bit longer). :)

  • Posted On December 10, 2017 by Jenny Kakoudakis

    I think I may just start crying… would love to extend our home. I am so used to having a kitchen/dining area in the same space but we’re not ready for works yet (kind of procrastinating on bathrooms already), but all of the photos you added are super inspiring and make my heart sing!

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