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Colour Series : Wisteria Wednesday

Now that our favourite Spring flower, wisteria has disappeared, we thought it would be great for it to live a bit longer on our colour series, so today is...Wisteria Wednesday. And what better way for it to be immortalised than in this Sanderson Wisteria Fall Wallpaper?


Colour Psychology of Mauve

Mauve is the hue of youth, and femininity. It evokes feelings of purity and devotion, with the moodiness of a deeper purple. Mauve brings to mind the ethos of renewal associated with springtime (hence our wisteria infatuation).

People who choose mauve as their favorite color are hopeless romantics, idealistic and pure. Likely, they retain their childlike sense of wonder at the world but may be criticized for being too dreamy and having their heads in the clouds.


What a lovely sentiment. We love that mauve has just enough hint of grey for it to be modern and certainly, when used in varying degrees, adds a lovely freshness to a room.


In this image, they have used mauve on all the walls, which contrasts beautifully with the dark grey woodwork. We love the addition of green as a secondary colour in the dining chairs (choose a grey-green so that it doesn't clash).

Image Dulux


Another Spring-fresh print from Sanderson - this time it's the Everly fabric made into a curtain. This delicate pattern is perfect for adding a touch of mauve into a room, without it being too overbearing.


Don't forget that you can add colour in a room by simply adding fresh flowers in the colour you are using as an accent. This way, you don't have to go to a great expense of redecorating, but can still include that colour in your scheme.

Image Ideal Home


In this image (apart from the adorable kittens) we love the mauve curtains which are so soft and feminine against the gorgeous windows. 

Image Architectural Digest


And finally we love this modern pastel look. We normally prefer bolder, richer colours but this modernist pastel dream has got us swooning.

Image Pinterest



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