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Colour Series : White (Christmas) Wednesday

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it was time to post some inspiration for your Christmas decor. And what better opportunity than through our Colour Series...so today it's White (Christmas) Wednesday.

Colour Psychology of White

White is the lightest colour and is often associated with purity, innocence, simplicity, cleanliness, and new beginnings. Like every colour, it also has negative characteristics, such as sterility, boring, cold, empty, or clinical. In day to day life, it can give feelings of calmness, comfort, and hope. At Christmas, because it's the colour of snow (and we all hope for a white Christmas) it's a very traditional colour for decorations but we wanted to highlight the range of ways, from traditional to rustic to modern, you can decorate your home for Christmas using white as the main colour.


Neptune Scandinavian Christmas

Ah, it's a Scandinavian solution for Christmas in this image - bare twigs adorned with fairy lights and glass baubles, fluffy sheepskin rugs and twinkly tea light table settings. We love how tactile everything is; and how simple, yet carefully constructed with so much love and attention.

Image Neptune



Affinity Magazine

This is a full-blown traditional Christmas and we love it for all of its maximalism. The snow-tipped tree is beautifully decorated and the white and silver theme even continues to the presents wrapped under the tree - true dedication.

Image Affinity Magazine



The White Company

This Christmas scene is a bit more minimal and a bit more rustic, with treasured items and decorations curated for a very modern feel. We love the little white-stained ladder holding messages of love and the use of sprigs of greenery to make it feel more alive.

Image The White Company



Ikea Christmas

This Christmas scene is very clean and fresh but we love the warmth added with the lantern and the fairy lights. The hanging decorative balls add an element of fun (probably too much fun if you have cats) and we love the overall casual feel.

Image Ikea



Skona Hem Christmas

How adorable are these monochromatic trees with wooden finishing touches? They would be a gorgeous addition to any table, mantlepiece or windowsill. We love them here, paired with white candles in brass candleholders - so chic.

Image Skona Hem



JD Jones Photography

The images above and below are from the same house and the white and gold theme perfectly suits this country abode. It's so simple and stylish and needs no other adornment. And how cute is that little bucket that holds the tree?

Image JD Jones Photography

JD Jones Photography



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  • Posted On December 18, 2017 by Tom Bellord

    Love the Scandinavian solution!

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