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Next up in our new Colour Series is: Taupe Tuesday. Taupe (made popular by Kelly Hoppen) is a neutral shade between dark brown and grey. However, taupe does not describe a single colour, but is used to describe a vast range of colors from dark tan to brownish grey (as you'll see below). It is such a versatile colour, that it can be used in any scheme, from country to traditional to modern. The word, taupe is from the French word, taupe, and the Latin word, talpa, which translates to “mole,” as it was mainly used to describe moleskin. Taupe's complementary colour is blue.


Colour Psychology of Taupe

Taupe is considered to be timeless, neutral, practical, authentic, organic, and definitely modest. It is a very timeless colour — taupe is not a trend colour, so it'll never go out of style. They also say that people who favor taupe are dependable, classic, and grounded, avoiding being the center of attention. Taupe fans get on with pretty much anyone and their warmth is like a magnet to others. On the flip side, people who love taupe can be perceived as dull, unexciting, cautious, and conservative, but let's not tarnish them with that broad brush.


Taupe living room from Pinterest

We've had this image on our Pinterest for ages - there's something so casually elegant yet still fresh and contemporary about it. The contemporary element definitely comes from the combination of the fresh white walls and (unusually) the darker taupe woodwork trim.

Image Pinterest.



Taupe living room

In this elegant living room, the designers have used a darker taupe as a backdrop to lighter taupe shades and creams; resulting in a beautifully harmonious room that still manages to not be boring.

Image David Christensen via Sarah Baynes.



Taupe living room from Architonic

The use of one colour everywhere could have left the beautiful panelling in this living room feeling flat and dull. But the use of a dark taupe on the walls really makes the clean white woodwork pop and you notice the detail and handiwork immediately.

Image Architonic.



Taupe living room The Design co

Similar to the image above (but using a lighter taupe shade) this elegant living room has a very fresh feel which is the perfect offset for all the beautiful mid-century modern furniture.

Image The Design Co.



Taupe Belgian Interior

We love the use of taupe in this rustic French room. We especially love the rough textured finish of the wall which really adds to the rustic feel. And the exquisite layering continues with beautiful taupe linen curtains and upholstered chair.

Image Not a Paper House.



Taupe kitchen by Canny Architecture

It's lovely to see taupe used in this kitchen design in such a different way - mixed with black for a sumptuously moody feel. Normally perceived as quite a 'safe' colour, here it takes on a much sexier, edgy vibe.

Image Canny.



Taupe bedroom The Room edit

Taupe works perfectly in this barn bedroom as a mid-toned colour for a restful night's sleep. It also gives it a sumptuous grown-up feel and is the perfect backdrop for the other accents of colour.

Image The Room Edit.



Taupe bedroom from Apartment Therapy

We've chosen this period property bedroom to illustrate just how versatile taupe is - that it can be used in a cool barn interior one minute and then in an elegant period property the next. It also works really well with the brass accents which add a luxury touch.

Image Apartment Therapy.



Our most whimsical example is this lovely ensuite bathroom with pale taupe feature wall, taupe grout and fresh white subway tiles. For continuity the taupe colour has also been used in the adjacent bedroom. This bathroom also features one of our most favourite chandeliers, so it definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

Image Laura Butler Madden.



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