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Next up in our Colour Series is Tangerine Thursday...well Christmas is coming and it's a reference to satsumas in stockings! Tangerine (orange) is a combination of red and yellow and takes its name from the fruit. As red symbolises energy and stimulation and yellow symbolises happiness and cheerfulness, tangerine inbetween is a highly positive colour. Its complementary colour is blue.


Colour Psychology of Tangerine

The positive traits of tangerine are optimistic, sociable, self-confident, flamboyant, adventurous and agreeable. Among the negative traits of this color are exhibitionist, superficial, inexpensive, unsociable, or too proud.


Hoppa Restaurant

Restaurant spaces can be cold and impersonal but this is a great way to use paint to avoid that feeling. This bold orange half-wall in Hoppa, Amsterdam enlivens the whole room and, with the panelling, makes the room seems less cavernous.

Image Hoppa Restaurant



Farrow & Ball

Tangerine makes a great statement in a sofa - we love it here in velvet, which makes the tangerine softer. Combined with the dark grey walls and the light grey floors, it's all a match made in heaven.

Image Farrow & Ball



Norm Architects

This tangerine sofa is a slightly more organic shade which works well with the modern space and rustic floors. By keeping the colour palette neutral in the room, they could afford to add some zing with a large feature colour sofa.

Image Norm Architects



Architectural Digest

How gorgeous is this orange Lacanche range cooker? Even more gorgeous popping out from this seductively dark kitchen. And we love the way the tangerine is picked up in the veins of the amazing marble used.

Image Architectural Digest



Niche PR

This sumptuous bedroom would be just dark and dull if it wasn't for the vibrant pop of tangerine in the bedding. The singular cushion is well-balanced by the layered throws at the bottom of the bed.

Image Niche PR



Alexandre Turpault

This room is amazing enough architecturally but the delicate linen tangerine tablecloth really gives it an extra vibrancy. We love the contrast of such a traditional room with such a modern colour.

Image Alexandre Turpault



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