Colour Series : Maroon Monday

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There's nothing more exciting than the launch of something new, and for us it's our new Colour Series...colours linked to the days of the week and the season. The inspiration images we choose will show you how to use the chosen colour boldly as the main colour, or subtly as an accent colour; we hope you enjoy this new series.


Maroon Monday

First up is Maroon Monday...maroon is a gorgeously-rich dark-brownish-red colour which takes its name from the French word 'marron', or chestnut. It's a perfect colour for Autumn, adding warmth and drama to any room, and its complementary colour is teal.


Colour Psychology of Maroon

The colour maroon can increase your appetite, boost adrenaline, and even raise blood pressure and heart rate. Using maroon in your interiors may cause mood changes and food cravings! Wearing maroon is linked to angriness on a conscious or subconscious level, or it can just mean that the person is passionate about what they will be doing that day.


Maroon accented children's bedroom

In this children's bedroom, the designer has used maroon as a lovely warm accent against all the fresh white and baby blue. It's a clever colour scheme that easily transitions from childhood through to adulthood too. Image Helen Green Design.


Maroon accented living room

We love this glamorously-luxe room for which maroon is a perfect match. Its warmth is such a good background for the brass/gold accents and the fine art painting adds such a rich feeling to the overall scheme. Image The Lux Pad


Maroon chair

Tassels are back (maybe not so much if you have cats) and this cute two-seater sofa in maroon would be a lovely feature in any room. Image String.


Maroon accented bedroom

This bedroom may have been a bit humdrum with a very safe mid-grey and white colour palette, but the addition of the maroon headboard takes it from humdrum to va va voom! Image Pinterest


Maroon accented wall in home office

How lovely is this desk setup? We love that they have been so brave with colour and the full maroon wall (broken up by that atmospheric art print) really zones the space and inspires you to get to work. Image Elephant in the Room


Maroon accented living room

With its maroon rug and maroon chairs - this living space is all in. We love how warm and cosy this room feels but, at the same time, not the slightest bit boring. Image Abigail Ahern



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Created on Posted by Natalie Holden Comment Link

I love Maroon. It’s such a rich, warm, colour that is great for the winter season. I really like the look of the office desk against the bold maroon wall. It looks very effective and makes the artwork ping against it!

Created on Posted by Rosanna Alicia Design Comment Link

Love the idea of a colour series Tamsin! And maroon is such a good one to kick it off – it’s always been one of my favourites – so rich a velvety. Loving all the textures in the images from The Lux Pad & Abigail Ahern – stunning! Rx

Created on Posted by Fawn Comment Link

It is an unusual colour and not really one we would consider ‘modern’ but it would be amazing if there was a resurgence.
@Juan this looks like a good book on general colour psychology:

Created on Posted by Becky @ PinksCharming Comment Link

I have to say I would never have considered maroon until I saw this post, but you may be swaying my opinion! xx

Created on Posted by Fiona Mostyn Comment Link

Such a deep, rich colour. I love the coloured wall and the vintage desk. The artwork in this picture is also a perfect choice.

Created on Posted by Juan Sandiego Comment Link

Looking forward to this series! I like to learn about the colour psychology and seeing all the examples, from subtle use to full-on. My favourite is Abigail Sheen’s moody living room. By the way, do you recommend any books on colour psychology?

Created on Posted by Bethany Comment Link

Thank you! So refreshing to see something new, I’m definitely seeing maroon in a whole new way. It’s so rich and luxurious.

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