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Colour Series : Flax Friday

We're back with the first Colour Series of the new year - Flax Friday. We have to admit that all the recent grey and wet weather has been getting us down (roll on Spring, please), but yesterday's sunshine certainly pepped us up. So today's post is inspired by the golden orb in the sky...but a winter sun, so a little weaker and softer in tone. Flax or Flaxen (as it is sometimes called) is a pale yellowish-grey, the color of straw or unspun dressed flax (that's when the straw is removed from the fiber) and it's complementary colour is lavender.


Colour Psychology of Flax

Well, as you can imagine, this is quite difficult to find, so we're going to cheat a little and use yellow instead. Any shade of yellow is a positive colour, reminding us of sunny summer days and making us feel joyful, optimistic, confident and creative. If there is a negative side it can denote jealousy, anxiety and caution. But I don't think that anyone walking into the rooms we have selected below could feel anything other than energised and happy.


Images above, below and below again: This beautiful conversion in Stockholm from an office to a home, by Note Design Studio, uses flax to great effect. The yellow, green and pink colour combination is an unusual colour palette and certainly a deviation from the clean Scandinavian interiors palette of white and grey we've grown accustomed to, but it's all so light and fresh that it makes us think of carefree spring days. And what a dream it must be to swing in the middle of that huge room.Note Design Studio Stockholm home

Note Design Studio Stockholm home

Dulux Cherished Gold

Images above, below and below again: In 2016, Dulux's Colour of the Year was Cherished Gold, which is very similar to flax. Like the Stockholm home, in the image above they have combined the Cherished Gold with a very pale pink and soft muted green to great effect. But in the image below, it has been used differently - as a colour wash over rustic wall panelling with wood, leather and linen accessories, achieving the modern rustic look we love so much. And in the image beneath that, we love the combination of the yellow with very dark Shaker kitchen cupboards, creating a gorgeous eclectic vibe. 

Dulux Cherished Gold

Dulux Cherished Gold

Vicente Wolf interior design

In this sunny breakfast room by Vicente Wolf Interior Design, these flax-coloured chairs perfectly echo the tones in the painting creating a warm, wholesome environment. This room reminds us of being in Tuscany many years ago and eating slow, languid breakfasts in the sunshine.

Harlequin Florine wallpaper

Or how about creating a floral sunshine feel in your space with the Florine wallpaper by Harlequin? Inspired by the magnolia grandiflora and a mixture of English country garden and French classic style, it is a trailing design set against a linen-look background, which is perfect for spring-summer schemes.

House Beautiful yellow blinds

In this kitchen on House Beautiful, they have brightened the window area with these lovely yellow wooden blinds with thick cotton tapes. Not only does it make a great focal point in the room, but just imagine the golden light that would always fill this kitchen. We also love the antiqued copper pendants and chairs which give the room a modern luxe feel.

Little Greene Crowe Hall Lane Gilt wallpaper

And finally, this Little Greene Crowe Hall Lane Gilt wallpaper really makes this room sing. With the neutral styling of the sofa and rug, the wallpaper is definitely the feature of the room and so it should be - it's a late-19th century wallpaper which was uncovered during extensive conservation work to Crowe Hall, a Suffolk manor house. The paper had been used in a curving stairwell where the vertical nature of the trailing pattern emphasised the height of the room (which sounds divine) but its diversity is proven as it is used here in a less-grand room but still looks beautiful. 



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  • Posted On February 04, 2018 by Susan Earlam

    I must say the title of this post meant I thought I wouldn’t like it, but the images you’ve curated are stunning. It’s like a softer version of mustard isn’t it!

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Jade Wilce

    Wow – what stunning imagery you have curated here. It’s not a colour I would use myself but used in the right setting with the right vibe it looks incredible. Inspired.

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Ricky Vann

    What a great post! It’s always nice to inject some colour into a neutral colour scheme. I personally really like the yellow blinds! Definitely thinking about doing that now :-)

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Fiona Mostyn

    I love this colour. It’s all about how you use it. I probably wouldn’t want to paint a whole wall in this colour but used in the right way like some of the images here it really adds a tone of mellow sunshine to a room.

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by CK

    Oh my. The doorway in the second image contrasts with the flax color perfectly. And the wallpaper at the end, so beautiful! The way you described it as a winter sun is spot on.

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Donna Ford

    What a great colour. Love the vintage feel of it! Also such inspiring images. I’m really into colour psychology so looking forward to the series x

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Jen

    Oh it’s a beautiful shade and you’ve chosen some gorgeous inspirational imagery to illustrate it x

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by pati

    oh my this colour is just divine !

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by Emma

    What a gorgeous post. I love the pastel colours and neautral tones. Feels very spring like – can’t wait until we get fresher and more uplifting weather. Love that wallpaper in the last image how rich with the gold detail! Over from littleowlblogs.wordpress.com x

  • Posted On January 29, 2018 by JENNY KAKOUDAKIS

    Ohh you found some really good photos and I have to say I love the colour and the sentiment it evokes (for me, it’s very summery!) – now looking forward to catching up with the rest of the colour series posts!

  • Posted On January 28, 2018 by Athina

    Oooh yes I love this as an alternative to mustard! Really sophisticated, you’ve got me inspired!

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