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Made popular by the English gardener Tom Stuart-Smith, hornbeams are often cloud pruned into the shapes seen in this design. Looking at the pattern and subtle detailing the viewer feels instantly like they are strolling across the rolling fields of the countryside, dotted with flocks of sheep, darting butterflies and of course, the crisscross pattern of hedgerows. 

Feather Grass
Feather Grass conjures images of lazy days in country meadows, bathed in the gentle warmth of sun rays. The dreamy outline will create a calming atmosphere and the design really feels like it introduces movement into the home. 

Named after the old English word for blossom, Blostma is inspired by the serendipitous moment when petals are caught and carried away by the breeze. The mix of colours and the delicate pattern make anyone feel like they are in the midst of a gentle flurry of falling petals. 

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