Garden Design : 5 Ways with Roses

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We had a request today for some garden design advice which got us thinking about expanding sideways into that arena. Maybe when we’re less busy on interiors, we can start thinking about exteriors. 

In the meantime it gave us an opportunity to look at beautiful rose images, which we enjoyed so much we thought we’d share. Here are our 5 favourite ways to use roses in your garden.


Roses around windows and doors

Whether your doors are traditional or windows cottage, roses look great tumbling around them. Cut back just enough to let light cascade in but apart from that, let them tumble and ramble wildly and abundantly.


Roses against textured walls

Roses also look great against old, textured walls, softening their rugged edges.


Roses with topiary

In a more formal garden, offset the structure of box hedges and balls with messy, colourful roses.


Roses over arches

Climbing roses look great over arches, providing fragrant walkthroughs in your garden.


Mixing roses with other flowers

Roses also look great with other flowers - mix borders with lavender and climbers with clematis. Pink and purple combinations are particularly gorgeous.


All images via Pinterest.


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